Club News -Winter 2020

Issue 107 published by Golf Club Newsletters


Dear Member

Firstly, may I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a successful year of golf!
 As we enter a new decade and go into 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my past Captains who have helped me run the golf days, sort out Rules disputes and generally support The Golf Club Great Britain.  Clive Martin took over from Garry Phillips in 2007 and served 2 years until 2009 when Nigel Smith began his two year tenure.  Jim Daniels followed in 2011 and was followed by Tom Senior in 2013 who travelled huge distances to attend our golf days and rarely missed an event.

 The incorrigible Ogy John took over in 2015 and Nigel was gently persuaded to stand again in 2017 (for which I am extremely grateful!)  Our present Captain, Simon Grigor actually volunteered (unheard of!) to take over in 2019 and will be in place until 2021.   Any volunteers to take over then will be favourably received!

 I can hardly believe it will be 15 years this summer since I took over running the Golf Club Great Britain from Bernard Pendry.  I thought it would be a stop gap until I met my knight in shining armour and retired into the sunset… Well that didn’t quite happen but I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of my time at the helm despite a few bumps here and there!   A lot of personalities have come and gone along the way but the ethos at the heart of it all is to make golf a fun and social event and create long lasting friendships  - and I think thanks to all our loyal members we have achieved  that goal.  Long may it last!
 But where did 2019 go?   We had a great year of golf, both here in the UK with the European ladies beating the US in the Solheim Cup and Shane Lowry and Tommy Fleetwood cleaning up at Port Rush in The Open. Will 2020 see success for Rory McIlroy at Royal St.Georges?  We shall have to wait and see…
Much closer to home, we’ve had a great golfing year with Golf Club Great Britain events and this year’s fixture list is further on in the Newsletter.  We have two weekend events, monthly golf days running from March – December and our Autumn Overseas Championship in October sees us going to the El Rompido Resort in Southern Spain – so lots to look forward to.
On a personal level, my golf took a nosedive last year and I was feeling very despondent to say the least but managed to play two rounds over Christmas within my buffer zone so am vaguely optimistic that things might improve!
 Thank you all again for your continued support and let’s hope for a great year of golf for us all.
 Until next time