Golf News

Spring 2020 - Issue 108

Dear Member

This is somewhat of an abbreviated newsletter as obviously there have been no events to report and its looking as though there will no immediate events to promote!   However, I would like to take this opportunity to catch up with you all and let you know how we are coping in these difficult times. 

Firstly I must say a huge thank you to ALL of you who have continued with your memberships, whether here in the UK or overseas which has made it possible for us to carry on and hopefully see this thing through to next year when things might get back to normal.    It was nearly a month ago when I was in the office for my weekly solo visit to process renewals and send out new cards when the phone rang which made me jump out of my skin!  Imagine my delight when one of our lady German members requested a new handicap card as she was about to go out and play for the first time this year.  It certainly gave me hope that we might follow suit eventually… which of course thankfully we now have.

I’m sure like me you were thrilled when it was announced that we could play again and as with most courses, my own club had already made stringent plans as to how we could operate.  We were sent instructions as to how the online booking system would work for tee times and the magical time of 10.30 a.m. when we could log on… you can guess what followed, Intelligent Golf wasn’t quite so clever after all and it was impossible to log on all day.   However, my good friend and GCGB member Keiko Sharpe stuck with it and finally got us a tee time… for 8.20 the following day.   Well, I haven’t managed to get out of bed until at least 9.00 a.m. for weeks now so it was quite an effort but absolutely worth it.  Although a very cold day, the sun was shining and the course looked magnificent.   The greens were immaculate and having had a rest for so many weeks were lightning fast.   Luckily we had only managed to book for 9 holes as both Keiko and I in our excitement had both managed to forget our batteries for our trollies so I ditched several clubs.  Considering I hadn’t picked up a club for 8 weeks my game wasn’t too bad and I can’t wait to get back out there again next week!