On joining The Golf Club Great Britain you will be able to check your golf handicap using our unique system, which is inline with the New World Handicap rules, after you have obtained a recognised golf handicap. You will then be able to upload and check your handicap at any time on-line. Your handicap will be updated every time you play and there are two ways to achieve this:

a) You can upload your scores online via the members area of the website where your scorecard history will be adjusted and any changes to your handicap shown as an “indicative change”. The actual new World Handicap System (WHS) calculations will be uploaded within 24 hours. This takes your best 8 scores from your latest 20 cards and works out your playing and actual handicap.

b) You can scan/photo your scorecard and email to the office and we will enter the results for you which will be uploaded and ready to view via the members area of the website within 24 hours.

It is easy to check your golf handicap online, just log on to our site with the username and password given to you. To obtain your initial handicap simply submit three cards, signed by your fellow player. A membership card showing your handicap will be sent to you. This is replaced annually on your renewal date but we do ask for a minimum of 3 cards every year to maintain your handicap. With the new WHS in place, the more cards you submit, the more accurate your handicap will be. This is known as your Handicap Index. The R & A and ruling bodies have suggested at least 20 cards every two years.

You will be able to check your current golf handicap online and your handicap history on our website, as your score cards are recorded. By logging into the members area, you will see your latest handicap results and have access to the Order of Merit, Noticeboard and Directory of Golf Clubs. As part of our service we also provide free handicap advice and will be on hand to explain all aspects of the new WHS.

To calculate your initial golf handicap
When you have submitted your first three cards, we take the 'average' of these cards to establish your initial handicap. This is calculated by taking the difference of the Gross score and the Course Rating (similar to the old SSS) off the yellow tees for each card.

For example, three scores of 88, 90 and 95 on a course with a CR of 72 will result in an initial handicap of (16+18+23) 57 divided by 3 = 19. Therefore giving you a playing handicap of 19. Scores are not adjusted down for initial handicap assessment.

However, for handicap adjustment, in line with the new WHS, scores are adjusted to a maximum nett double bogey, e.g. on a par 4 hole with no shots, if you gross 10, we will manually adjust your score to 6 If you have one shot, it will be adjusted to 7 and if you have 2 shots on the hole, it will be adjusted down to 8.

Both men and ladies now have a maximum handicap allowance of 54.

There is now no buffer zone and even if you play a stableford competition or friendly, only medal (stroke) scores are entered.

One last change with the new WHS is that every set of tees on every course has a SLOPE rating which determines the difficulty of the given tees on any given course. This may allow you extra or less shots when playing at different courses. When entering cards yourself online, you will have to enter the Course Rating and the Slope for the set of tees you are playing off.