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Golf Handicap Card

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Golf Club Great Britain provides a unique Gold Handicap service, with a Golf handicap card and certificate. We are also proud to be only one of two organisations issuing handicaps which are accepted by St. Andrews to play the Old Course. Click here to find out how to obtain your Golf Handicap Card.

Unlike other schemes available we offer much more than just a Golf handicap certificate.  All members are welcome to come along to our monthly golf days, weekends away and annual overseas trips. Along with this as a member you will receive special deals on Gold insurance and equipment, with a Gold Handicap card and certificate, which will take you anywhere in the world.

Upload your score card online

Once you join up as a member you will receive your card along with your username and password to enable you to log into our members area, where you can:

  • ·         Check your handicap
  • ·         Upload your score card
  • ·         See your order of merit
  • ·         Check out future events
  • ·         Use our UK Golf club directory

Our organisation is like a large family and as soon as you join and start to get involved with our weekends away or overseas trips, you will meet new friends and embrace our family ethos, which is part of our unique offering.

How do golf handicaps work?

If you are an amateur a golf handicap is a measure of a player’s ability to play golf. Therefore a golf handicap is calculated by the average number of strokes above par a player is likely to score, for any given round.

At the end of a round of golf, each player subtracts their individual golf handicap from their score, resulting in a net score. This means that this system allows golfers of different abilities to compete against each other.

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